Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The 30 Day Hair Challenge...

Intra Force
Less is NOT more

Sorry the bottles look a little funny I have been using them!

Redkens new Intra Force line is here!  Do you want Thicker, Fuller hair in 30 days or your money back?!  Then listen up!  You can try Intra Force risk free for 30 days.  If you are not satisfied and couldn't see results Redken will give you a full refund.  Wow, Redken must really stand behind this product to be giving out full refunds!  I had heard of this line coming out a few months ago and waited patiently for it to finally launch the beginning of March!  It's a system that is suppose to be compared to Nioxin but better.  I have personally been using this system for 14 days and love it!  Intra Force is great for anyone who has thinning or fine hair.  

When your hair is thinning, its embarrassing.  Sure you think well I'm only 25, only older peoples hair starts to thin.  Not true!  I have many clients who go through stages of their hair thinning out, pregnant mommies lose hair and anyone who has recently had surgery or on new meds can have hair lose.  Intra Force visibly improves the health and appearance of your hair in just 30 days.  It addresses thinning hair by 1. Detoxifing it with Zinc PCA - Which helps reduce excess sebum and DHT on the hair and scalp that build up. 2. Stimulating with Arginine - Essential amino acid that helps to stimulate the scalp. 3. Nourishes with Vitamin E - A derivative that nourishes the scalp to provide a good environment for healthy hair to grow.  

Proven Results:
  •  Thicker, Fuller hair in just 30 days
  •   Up to a 95% decrease in premature breakage with continued use
System 1: For Natural, Thinning Hair
  • 75% of users noticed increased fullness
  • 70% of users noticed a thickening effect
  • 70% of users noticed enhanced density
System 2: For Color Treated, Thinning Hair
  • 82% of users noticed increased fullness
  • 81% of users noticed a thickening effect
  • 80% of users noticed enhanced density
Intra Force is a three tiered customizable treatment program to promote your hair's density.  First you start out with a in salon scalp stimulate service to purify the hair.  Which I have to say my hair felt very nice and clean once this was done!  The in salon service is a professional microdermabrasion treatment that will help to maximize your at home results. 

It's Proven To:
  • Accelerate cellular turnover by 25%
  • Remove the buildup of dead surface cells
*Schedule this service once a month or during each salon visit for continued results.

The next step is to densify your hair with your at home system.  Talk to your stylist about which system would work best with your hair type.  The color treated hair system provides UV protection and additional conditioning benefits.

Step 1: Shampoo
It is a detoxifying cleanser that helps reduce excess sebum buildup and DHT to promote density and a healthy scalp

Step 2: Toner
This nourishing toner detangles, moisturizes and strengthens your hair to prevent premature breakage and improve its manageability.

Step 3: Treatment
It is a fast absorbing daily treatment that energizes the scalp and promotes hair density so hair looks and feels fuller and thicker.  It is a daily stimulant treatment for your scalp.

There are also additional products that can be used with the 3 step system. 

Micro Boost: Targeted treatment for low density hair lines.  It is to be used if you have a low density hairline.  Characterized by a more advanced thinning, and hair loss around the crown and forehead area.

Hair Advance: Intensive treatment for noticeably thinning hair.  It kick starts your treatment program.  Use this treatment for thinning hair intensified by stress or seasonal changes.

Hair Densifier: Thickening foam for all hair types of thinning hair.  It's a weightless, PVP free moose.  Provides lasting volume, shape and definition.  Leaves hair stronger, more supple and easy to style without all the buildup.  Use everyday for styling support and fullness.

We will see how I fell about this system at the end of my 30 days.  I will say right now that I love it!  When I wash my hair it feels very fresh and clean.  The shampoo and toner have a minty tingling sensation to them.  Then the treatment moose actually feels like it adds hair to my scalp.  The first time I used it I was scared it would look oily in my fine hair but once it was dried and styled you couldn't even tell.  I would recommend this system to anyone with thinning or fine hair.  Don't just take my word for it, read more real life stories at Intraforce.com.  Visit Intraforce.com for full details!

*DHT -
Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is an androgen, synthesized primarily in the prostate gland, testes, hair follicles, and adrenal glands by the enzyme 5α-reductase by means of reducing the 4,5 double-bond of the hormone testosterone.

*PVP -
Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP), also called Polyvidone, is a water-soluble polymer made from the monomer N-vinylpyrrolidone:[1]

Definitions found on Wikipedia.com


  1. So what did you think after the 30 days of treatment?

  2. I took it back to the salon for a refund as they advertised. I was told to "log-on to Intraforced.com for details on how to receive a full refund." There is no way to apply for a refund on this site.
    The stuff smelled good and felt tingly, etc, but I saw no effect on my thinning hair.