Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Make-Up Brushes

Make-Up Brushes

I have a few make-up brushes that I absolutely love!  I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you!

Blush Brush:

Professional Platinum Blush Brush #49

I love the bristles on Sephora's professional line, very soft.  The angled brush helps the bristles contour to your cheek to apply a perfect amount of blush.

Foundation Brush:

I like to use this brush for thicker foundations and then another brush for more thinner foundations.  Yes, I use several foundations! Depending on the day or event!  I have found that this brush doesn't soak up the product your using nor does it absorb the oil from your face!

This is the brush I like to use on thinner types of foundation.  The shorter bristles make it easier to get a smooth and even finish.  It works great with MAC foundations and primers.  Can also be used for powders. 

Powder Brush:

This brush is great to apply pressed or loose powders.  I love the rounded top, it helps to get a even amount of powder on the face for a great finish.

Concealer Brush:

Professional Concealer Brush #46

This brush is amazing for applying any type of concealer.  Works great for applying eye concealer.  Since its so small it can get in the creases of your under eye very well.  It applies a evenly amount of any concealer to any area.  Especially great for covering up those annoying blemish marks!  Also can be used to apply any of your eye lid primers.  

Kabuki Brush:

Professional Kabuki Brush #50

This cute little brush is great for applying any bronzer.  Some people like to use it to apply mineral makeup, loose powders, or blush.  The shorter hairs pick up more product to provide you with more coverage.  So be careful when applying bronzer!   It fits right in the palm of your hand and contours to your face.   

Eye Shadow Brush:

This is always my go to brush when applying eye shadow.  The angled shape is great for making that smokey eye look.  The shape works good for under the eye bone or applying all over shadow.  You can turn the brush so the angle applies more or less product in certain areas.

I also have many more eye shadow brushes.  Some are just cheapie's I got in my makeup kit at cosmetology school.  Some are from bonus's from makeup counters.  I like to cut and angle on some of them, like the brush above.  

Cleaning Your Brushes:
I like to keep my make-up brushes semi clean all the time.  My face tends to break out from time to time and having dirty brushes just adds to the break out!  Keeping good clean brushes also prolongs the life of your brush and bristles.  I have the Sephora Brush Shampoo.  I also like to use baby shampoo.  It's very gentle on the bristles as it is on babies skin.  When cleaning I rinse the brush and then add a little shampoo in my hand.  Rub the brushes bristles in the shampoo until it creates a lather, then rinse clean.  You may need to do this a few times until the water when you rinse runs clear.  Try and not to emerge the whole brush under water and just get the bristles wet.  This will help the glue holding the bristles together not come loose.  Lay your brushes flat to dry over night and they will be clean and new in the morning!  

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Summer Nails

Summer Nails!
Brights, Brights, Brights

So It has been way to long since I have blogged!  Oaks and Derby consumed my life for about two weeks!  Although while I was preparing my outfit for Oaks nail polish came to mind.  For any big event my nails are almost always a accessory.  So as I asked myself "What color will I paint my nails today"?  I thought what a great post!  My own nails have trouble keeping polish on them.  I think with the help of my nail expertise friend Renee, I have finally found a solution to help!  So I thought I would share the steps I go thru when polishing my nails and a few of my favorite nail colors for summer!  

Step 1: Cleaning up your nails.  Trimming your cuticles, Filing and buffing the edges to make sure there is a good surface for the polish to stick to.  

Step 2: I like to wipe them clean with nail polish remover after I file and before I polish to make sure there is no dust or anything to cause my polish to be bumpy.

Step 3: I then apply OPI Chip Skip lacquer.  It basically takes all the oils out of your nails and does what it says... Skips the Chipping. 

Step 4: Then I apply Creative's Stickey Base Coat.  It helps hold the polish to the nail.

Step 5: Once the base coat has dried I apply two coats of whatever color polish.  I really like the brands OPI and Essie.

Step 6: Once the polish has dried a little bit I will then apply Essie's Top Coat Good to Go. It seals the polish on the nail and creates a great shine.  

Step 7: I'm not the best polisher so I almost always have polish on the outside of my nails.  A friend once taught me to paint a little of your top coat over the mistake and take a orange wood stick to clean it right off!  Works every time!  Also a q tip with polish remover does the job well!

Here are a few of my favorite colors for summer by OPI:

1. Cajun Shrimp

2. Koala Bear-Y

3. Ate Berries In The Canaries

4. My Chihuahua Bites!

5. Charged Up Cherry