Sunday, July 3, 2011

5 Summer Product Must Haves

5 Summer Product Must Haves

I'm FINALLY back!  I now have a new computer and couldn't wait to start blogging about all these amazing products that I love for summer!  

1. Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm

This lip balm makes your lips feel amazing!  It has SPF 20 in it.  So while your at the beach or pool your protecting your lips and getting a touch of color as well!

2. Dove Clinical Protection

This is my must have deodorant for the summer time.  There are a ton of clinical strength deodorants out there but I have only tried this particular one. I love all the Dove deodorants, especially the original clean scent.  I have gotten a prescription for a clinical strength deodorant before and believe Dove is way better.  The prescription one made my under arms itch and sting all night long.  I started using the Dove last year and was addicted.  Of course when I bought it I didn't read the directions on the box because I thought how hard is it to put deodorant on.  Well actually it is hard!  I went to the dermatologist for a check up and told her I had been using the clinical strength but hadn't noticed a huge difference.  So she asked "Are you putting it on at night before bed?"  Of course I said no, why would I put my deodorant on before bed?!?!  Well clearly if you read the directions it tells you to do just that.  My dermatologist explained that your underarm pores open up during the night, so when you have the clinical strength deodorant on it seeps into your pores and in the morning your pores close back up with the deodorant in them.  Crazy I know!  It totally works wonders!  Even if you shower in the am you still don't put any more deodorant on, only at night time.  It's amazing for when you wear summer dresses or black clothing because no big white marks of deodorant to rub off!  I recommend this deodorant to anyone and make sure you use it the right way!  As my dad always says, directions are there for a reasons!

3. Aveeno Tinted Moisturizer

Before we went to the lake to camp I was looking for a moisturizer with a tint and SPF in it.  I finally stumbled upon this Aveeno one.  It has a SPF 30 in it and a few different shades of tint to choose from.  I had used Aveeno lotions before and really liked them and this one is just the same.  Very moisturizing and a great tint to it. It doesn't smell like sunscreen either.  It was great for when I went to the lake and beach for SPF coverage and little bit of color on my face as well while it still moisturized!

4. Redken Color Extend Sun

I have used this product for a few years and gotten a few others addicted as well.  It has a SPF 12 in it, which is great to protect your scalp from getting sun burn.  It also protects your color from the harsh sun rays and replenishes your hair.  The smell is amazing and goes on light.  I use it to spray all over my hair and then around my hair line really well where I tend to burn the easiest from sweating.  It's great for little kids to spray on a few times while out in the sun to protect their little heads if not wearing a hat.  

5. Sexy Hair AeroTan

Last but not least my favorite new product for this summer!  AeroTan by Big Sexy Hair.  This spray is amazing!!  It is a instant temporary tanning spray.  Its in a aerosol spray can and sprays out a instant tan color on your skin.  You blend it in with your hands and it comes right off in the shower with soap and water.  I can't believe I just found this product this year!  I used it while I was at the beach to blend my tan lines and to add a little extra color to my legs since they hardly ever get any color on them.  This works great for me as well when I'm getting my laser hair removal done since you can't have any color before hand.  I just sprayed this on one night for a wedding and looked like I had a beautiful tan and then the next day for my laser appointment took a shower and it all washed right down the drain!  

Where these products are sold....

1, 2, and 3 are sold at mostly any store that sells beauty products.  Target, Kroger, Meijer, Walmart, Walgreens.

4 can be bought at most any Redken retailer salon or you can go to their website and click the where to buy button.  Also check out the other three products from the Color Extend Sun line.  The shampoo and conditioner are amazing to remove any mineral or salt deposits in your hair that leave it feeling hard after being in the sun or at the beach.  

5 is a little tricky.  I found this product at the beauty supply house where only professionals can buy products.  I'm assuming any salon retailer that sells Big Sexy Hair products would have AeroTan especially for the summer months.  I did find it on Amazon as well.  I am going to be selling this product available for my clients as of next week!  Let me know if anyone finds AeroTan anywhere else!

So get going and run out and buy all these amazing summer products and remember to always wear sunscreen everyday even on your hair!!


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